Rubs & Sauces

Did you know?!?!?
Here at SLO' MOTION BBQ We handcraft all of our own small batch rubs & sauces.
You can also purchase sauce directly at the trailer $4 half pint  $7 pint  or 50 cent per 2 ounce cup

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Crabby Apple

Crabby Apple is a vinegar based sauce with hints of fresh apple.  
A great sauce if you enjoy a thinner sweet sauce.  


If you are looking to wake up your taste buds a tad...
Come drive with us past a WI State Trooper while doing 90 mph.  
This sauce is a thicker sauce with a little heat.

Dairyland Inferno

Ok my HOT Friends!!!
Some folks like that HEAT so we brought it!
This sauce is so HOT it lit the cows ass on fire!
Ya, we said it...

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